More localized search controls

February 15, 2007

The AJAX Search API has always included a localized text based Search Control where the user-interface is presented in the language of the site visitor. The API includes a number of advanced search controls including:

These controls have seen strong world wide adoption. This afternoon, we upgraded all of these controls so that the user-interface they present is also localized and tracks the user-interface language of the underlying AJAX Search API.

The AJAX Search API auto-detects the user-interface language of your visitors and adjusts the UI accordingly. If you want to, you can hard code the user-interface language by using the &hl argument in your AJAX Search API script load tag. For example, to hard code your user-interface language to french, change your load tag to include: <script src="...api?file=uds.js&hl=fr...">

As always, please let us know what you think in the AJAX Search API developer forum.