Adding Google News and Book Search

February 7, 2007

We just launched a new cut-and-paste solution for the AJAX Search API that lets you embed a dynamic Google News bar in your web pages:

Just enter the searches you want to power the news bar, and the AJAX Search API does the rest. We support two different form factors — a thin horizontal strip and a wider vertical bar — so it's easy to incorporate dynamic news content into the layout of your site.

We've also added support for Book Search to the AJAX Search API. To make it easy to get started with this new type of search, we created a cut-and-paste solution for a dynamic "book bar" just like the News bar above. So if you have a site related to, say, fish, you can integrate a dynamic bookshelf of fish-related books without writing a line of code — a fun way to attract new visitors to your site.

Let us know what you think in the AJAX Search API developer forum.