Google Chrome Frame Ajax Detection

September 28, 2009

In partnership with the Google Chrome Frame team, we are making available a library to allow your web application to detect the presence of Google Chrome Frame. We on the Ajax team are excited about the possibilities of this add-on improving JavaScript performance and enabling some of the new features available in HTML5. If you have a web application which makes use of these new features, you can use this library to prompt the user to install Google Chrome Frame, or recognize when a user has just installed it. The library provides granular controls so that you can create the user experience which best suits your site.

As a short example, I've created the following simple demo which just detects whether Google Chrome Frame is installed or not with an alternate message if you are in a browser for which this plugin is not available.

Do you have Google Chrome Frame installed?
We're checking on that now.

Ben Lisbakken has also added detection for Google Chrome Frame to the Ajax Playground. If you view source on the page you can see another example of a customized CFInstall.check implementation which is designed to fit the page.

For more details on the Google Chrome Frame Ajax API, see the documentation and for questions, please visit the discussion group.