Behind the scenes with two AJAX API Developers

July 20, 2009

We enjoy featuring real-world applications that show how versatile the AJAX APIs can be. Below we're highlighting two very different apps and the developers who built them:

AroundMe is an iPhone application where the AJAX APIs are central to the user experience. Specifically, the app utilizes the Local Search API to enable users to find information about their surroundings. In the videos below, Marco Pifferi (the developer behind AroundMe) gives a demo of his app, his thoughts on using the AJAX APIs, and tips for integrating them in mobile apps.

Mibbit is a web-based chat application that uses the AJAX APIs to enhance the chat experience. The language APIs help users to translate their messages into a number of different languages. Mibbit also uses the Maps API and YouTube API to display embedded maps or YouTube videos if a user includes a Maps or YouTube URL in their chat. Jimmy Moore, creator of Mibbit, walks through Mibbit in his video below.

Do you have a great app that uses the AJAX APIs? Submit a video about it and we may feature it on this blog. Questions? Stop by our support forum or IRC channel.