Ext-core ready to go

June 11, 2009

Recently, the guys over at Ext JS released ext-core under an MIT license, which was a big win for open source! Today, they released a stable (non-beta) version of this library and we are proud to be part of that announcement by hosting the new version. You can now pull ext-core from Google servers:

// directly access it
// alias the newest 3.0.x version
// alias the newest 3.x.x version
// directly access the uncompressed code
You can also use it from the loader:
google.load('ext-core', '3.0');
google.load('ext-core', '3', {uncompressed : true});
Thanks to all for the requests to add ext-core to our Libraries API, and big thanks to Ext JS for providing their library so openly! For more information, head over to their blog post.