Playgrounds and alerts

January 22, 2009

I recently launched a new product to help developers learn our APIs. It's an open source framework for showing Javascript code samples. The tool allows users to click through samples so that they can edit code and see their changes live. In order to be a more practical tool for code editing, I put "save" and "export" features in there. You can read more about it on the official blog post.

I would also like to point you at a new blog the AJAX APIs team will be maintaining: the AJAX APIs Alert Blog. Whether you know it or not (or believe it or not!) we are constantly making changes to the APIs. New features, bug fixes, tweaks, etc. In the past we haven't had a way of communicating these changes to you since they can be small changes and not worth a whole blog post here. Furthermore, there are those of you that want to know when we update the Javascript libraries that we host. So from here on out, that blog will be the new home for these "alerts". Posts will be short, to the point and we will try to update it with all public changes, so subscribe now!