Local Search for the United Kingdom Launched

June 15, 2007

We just launched local search for the UK this morning. For users already using the AJAX Search API for local search, you should now be able to search for businesses in the United Kingdom without having to make any changes to your code. Go ahead and now try "Starbucks near London" in your App that uses the Google AJAX Search API. You should get something like the following:

If you want to add local search to your web site, take a look at the AJAX Search API documentation. The samples here are also particularly useful.

For existing Maps API users, adding local search is easy, as shown in the previous post. Note, like all other existing applications using Google's local search, the new search control will also have UK local search automatically enabled.

If you have any feedback or comments, I look forward to reading them on the developer forum.

Ali Pasha, Google AJAX API team