Add a Blog Bar to your site

March 15, 2007

On February 7, we announced the availability of the Google News Bar. This cut-and-paste search control is simple to use and has seen phenomenal adoption.

Anytime we launch a new AJAX Search API feature, we ask you to share your thoughts with us in the AJAX Search API developer forum. Late Sunday evening, "CyberCoder" (a.k.a., inventor of the Google Video Bar) asked us to produce a modified News Bar that worked over Blog Search instead of News Search.

The Blog Bar below is the result. (Click here to see the original post if the Blog Bar does not display in your blog reader.)

The Blog Bar is a search control for the AJAX Search API that allows you to embed a thin horizontal strip, or a tall vertical strip of blog search results in your site.

As always, let us know what you think in the AJAX Search API developer forum.