Video Bar - New Features

October 12, 2006

The Video Bar has become a popular solution, and we really appreciate the great feedback and feature requests. We just implemented two of the most common feature requests:

  • Option for smaller thumbnails

  • Control over the size of the video player

For more information, take a look at the Video Bar instructions that highlights both of these new features. Requesting small thumbnails is done with an option, while controlling the video player size is done using CSS. (We've also updated the Video Search solution to support CSS based control over the player size.)

Based on your feedback, we also updated the Map Search solution with new features:

  • Application control over the icons for the center point, the selected search result, and the unselected search results

  • Control over the zoom level for the idle and active map

  • Ability to request a GMapTypeControl for your maps

You're welcome to use our solutions as-is in your applications. We will maintain them, host them, and continue to improve them based on your feedback. Alternatively, you can always download our solutions and modify them to meet your needs, borrow ideas from them freely, or do whatever makes sense for your applications. Keep the feedback coming!