Custom Search Engine Refinements

October 26, 2006

On Tuesday we announced our support for Custom Search Engines. We asked you for your input and many of you suggested that we add support for Custom Search Engine Refinements. This evening we launched support for Custom Search Engine Refinements in a way that complements what many of you are trying to build. We extended .setSiteRestriction() so that in addition to passing the Custom Search Engine Id, you can also pass a Custom Search Engine Refinement label. See the code snippet below:

var cseId = "017576662512468239146:omuauf_lfve";
searcher = new GwebSearch();
searcher.setSiteRestriction(cseId, "Lectures");
To demonstrate this new capability, we have produce a new sample. The AJAX Search API based Curriculum Search Sample performs parallel searches over a Curriculum Search Engine as well as the engine with a "Lectures", "Assignments", and "Reference" refinements. This sample is based on the full blown Curriculum Search Engine hosted on

As always, please continue to provide feedback.