Add video search, playback, and tagging to your site

August 29, 2006

Last week my son asked me if I could show him how to add some videos to his music review blog. Instead of just putting one video on the blog, I decided that it would be sort of fun to have 100+ videos directly accessible from any blog or web page.

The result of this effort is a Video Search solution. Like the Mapsearch solution, this is something you can use as-is or copy and enhance to suit your needs.

We tried to make this easy to use on any web page or blog. If you are already using the Google AJAX Search API, you have an API key and know how to include the code. Once you have done that:

  1. Include the gsvideosearch.js and gsvideosearch.css solution files

  2. Create and style a div element

  3. Create a list of tagged searches you want your readers to see by default

  4. Add a call to GSvideoSearchControl and point it at the div created in step 2

You can see a live version of this solution on the Google Video Blog (under "Fun Videos").

Take a look at the Video Search solution and let us know what you think, especially if you have any plans to include this on your site.