New Features, New Sample

July 31, 2006

We made some changes over the last several days, relating mostly to GlocalSearch, but also impacting GblogSearch.

Previously, GlocalSearch commingled address resolution results with local search results, providing things like "New York, NY 10038" alongside "New York Pretzel" and "New York Cafe." There's now a method for indicating whether you want those address resolution results included. You can set this yourself or expose it to users with the local search configuration UI.

    .setAddressLookupMode(GlocalSearch.ADDRESS_LOOKUP_DISABLED) - disables commingled results

    .setAddressLookupMode(GlocalSearch.ADDRESS_LOOKUP_ENABLED) - enables commingled results, the default

We also adjusted the search behavior when an address clause is present in the query string. For example, a search for "starbucks" will produce search results near the center point associated with the searcher, while a search for "starbucks 93108" or "starbucks in cary, nc" will now produce results near the location in the query string.

There's a new Local Search sample to demonstrate some new concepts and techniques and serve as a simple starting point for location centric apps. If you're running a conference, hotel, community site, etc., this might make a nice little addition to your page.

As suggested in the discussion group, we implemented the ability to sort GblogSearch results by date. This is available for programmatic access as well as through the UI.

    .setResultOrder(GSearch.ORDER_BY_RELEVANCE) - This is the default and indicates that results should be returned in order of their relevance.

    .setResultOrder(GSearch.ORDER_BY_DATE) - This value indicates that results should be returned should be returned in publication date order.

Let us know if you experience any problems as a result of these recent changes, and keep the suggestions coming.