A New Gadget

June 8, 2006

Yesterday we launched a new gadget for the Google Personalized Homepage that is based on the Google AJAX Search API. Why embed a search gadget on a search homepage, you may ask? Well, it can actually be pretty useful. I have mine configured for just GlocalSearch() scoped to my home town. I use it as a very fast, in-page phone book. (You can add the new gadget directly to your Google homepage.)

In other news, you all asked for a way to clear search results and there are a few samples out there that work hard to do this. We tried to make it a bit easier with a new .clearAllResults() method. Just call this method on your search control whenever you need to clear out old results. We didn't want to clutter the UI with a new button that does this, but if a user clears out the input element and then hits return or clicks the search button, we call this method internally.

And finally, the guys that produced the assorted blue artwork gave me a matching set in green, dark grey, pink, and orange. If you want your search control to use pink artwork, just include gsearch_pink.css, right after you include gsearch.css. The point of this wasn't to promote alternate colors. It was more about demonstrating how to style the search control to fit better in your application. Take a look at Sitesearch.html for an example of the gsearch_green.css. You can also try gsearch_pink.css, gsearch_orange.css, or gsearch_darkgrey.css.